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Cloud security advice

Prims InfoSec’s security consultants have  a proven track record  providing organisations with effective cloud security advice to identify areas of weakness in cloud deployments and drive improvement for the business.

  • Implement pragmatic security controls to protect a cloud deployment
  • Effectively manage the risks associated with consuming or offering cloud services
  • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements associated with protection of data
  • Reduce the likelihood of a cloud compromise
  • Demonstrate robust security measures to prospective clients

Organisations world-wide are now beginning to appreciate the potential cost savings associated with migrating services to the cloud.

Significant IT infrastructure and support savings can be realised due to outsourcing those elements of the service delivery model. As such, there has been an increase in organisations delivering cloud-based infrastructure, platforms and applications.

However, it is essential that information security is an inherent part of a prospective cloud delivery service. Prism Infosec’s cloud security consultancy service provides clients with the necessary support to properly plan and implement the delivery or consumption of a cloud service.

Our consultants work with client project teams providing cloud security advice, as part of short or longer term project engagements to ensure that necessary security controls are implemented to adequately protect cloud deployments, including:

  • Single and multi-tenant information asset protection and separation
  • Suitable protection of data in-transit and at rest
  • Adequate security controls associated with customer management interfaces
  • Suitable authentication, authorisation and accounting models
  • Robust service management architectures
  • Strong supporting acceptable use and other policies
  • Compliance with applicable legislation including the protection of personally identifiable information
  • Effective customer on and off boarding processes and data erasure
  • Appropriate end of life procedures and data sanitisation
  • Proportionate security monitoring
  • Incident handling and forensic readiness
  • Commensurate business continuity and disaster recovery requirements

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