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Managed Security Services – Prism SOC, powered by Chorus

We have partnered with Chorus, a transformative Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), providing an alternative to the traditional cyber security provider.

Advanced managed security services are delivered via the Chorus UK-based Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) and powered by Microsoft’s cloud-native MXDR and SIEM/SOAR technologies, Microsoft 365 Defender and Microsoft Sentinel.

Cyber security attacks are increasing in frequency and sophistication, which is why cyber security is a key business priority. Today, organisations need to reduce the likelihood of an attack, proactively detect threats, and rapidly respond to reduce potential business impact. To achieve this, organisations need the right processes and technology in place with a team of highly skilled security experts, however for many, this is uneconomical to build and maintain internally.

Cyber security is a key priority

  • Are you struggling to stay ahead of evolving threats?
  • Are you having difficulty managing security internally?
  • Is there a cyber security skills shortage?

Service Benefits

Modern and innovative CSOC

Our 24x7x365 CSOC makes best use of technical innovations and cutting-edge cloud security technologies to deliver an advanced service. Underpinned by our team of highly skilled and experienced CSOC analysts, our team protect your organisation around-the-clock.

Leading technical architecture

Built on Microsoft 365 Defender and Microsoft Sentinel, our CSOC architecture is built to best-practice to benefit from cutting-edge automation, machine learning, AI and integration to reduce alert noise, automate common tasks and accelerate threat detection and response times.

Proactive and preventative protection

We take our managed security services a step further by building in pre-emptive protection through advanced threat hunting and cyber threat intelligence to proactively block emerging and unknown threats before they occur.

Rapid threat detection and response

Through our skilled SecOps team, advanced technology and use of automation, we ensure cyber threats are quickly identified, investigated and remediated – reducing the likelihood and potential impact of successful attacks, to keep your organisation ahead of evolving threats.

Mature services

With over 20 years experience delivering managed services, Chorus have a mature service delivery model to complement their technical skills. Through continual service improvement, service governance and reporting they ensure optimal service delivery.

Risk reduction

With proactive threat detection, investigation, hunting and response, your organisation is better protected and cyber risk is greatly reduced. This helps you to reduce cyber insurance premiums, meet compliance regulations and benefit from peace of mind against increasingly costly attacks

Lite versions of all three services available that only covers alerts classified as Medium or High in Microsoft Sentinel.

Which level of service is right for you?


Chorus are members of the Microsoft Security Intelligent Association (MISA) and our managed services have been awarded Microsoft-verified MXDR solution status, proving the calibre of our service and CSOC.

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