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Application security testing

Application security testing will provide you with assurance that your application security controls are performing as expected. Where vulnerabilities and weaknesses are identified these are captured and can then be remediated to ensure that they cant be exploited.

  • Identify technical security vulnerabilities and weaknesses within a application deployment
  • Test the effectiveness of security controls associated with application deployments which protect against threats to information assets
  • Effectively manage application information security risks

Management of information security risk associated with applications should ensure a robust and functioning set of controls, including effective authentication and authorisation, input and output validation and session handling.

Whether associated with the delivery of internal web sites, extranets, sharing and collaboration suites, or complex financial applications, our application security testing service shall determine whether effective controls are implemented and operating properly.

Using a team that comprises experienced penetration testers and application security experts and following formal methodologies (for example the OWASP guidance and Top 10), Prism Infosec will assess the application’s security controls for vulnerabilities and weaknesses across the stack and deliver a detailed report.

We can also deliver assessments against other application deliver mechanisms including web services, APIs and bespoke client/server deployments.

The output of the exercise shall position the effectiveness of security associated with the target application against best practice and provide a detailed set of issues alongside pragmatic remedial activities that can be used to make improvements.

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