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Physical security testing

Physical security testing is a great way to assess your organisations susceptibility to physical attack on your business premises.

  • Identify vulnerabilities with physical security controls protecting the organisation
  • Determine whether the organisations physical perimeter adequately protects its information assets
  • Effectively manage physical security risks

It is now well established that many successful compromises of enterprise information security controls involve some element of exploitation of physical security, perhaps to implement a malicious security device such as a keylogger or rogue Wi-Fi access point or to attempt attacks unnoticed and possibly outside of normal office hours.

A defence-in-depth strategy for the protection of information assets should include all elements of security controls, including physical, procedural and technical. As such, it is essential that IT assets are adequately protected from physical attack vectors which could be used to bypass effective technical controls such as firewalls, intrusion protection and strong authentication mechanisms.

Our physical testing service will investigate the security of controls used to protect an IT environment, including the use of technical control deployments such as CCTV and access control as well as personnel and procedural controls which may include guards, visitor records and effective staff training against “tailgating” attacks.

The Prism Infosec physical security experts can assess a building perimeter for exploitable weaknesses and ingress points and determine the impact of any security breach, including the possibility of being able to gain unauthorised access to IT resources via exposed network access points or physical access to systems and network infrastructure.

The output of the exercise shall position the effectiveness of physical security against best practice and to provide a detailed set of issues alongside pragmatic remedial activities that can be used to make improvements.

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