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Cyber Maturity Assessment


Prism Infosec has developed a point-in-time Cyber Maturity Assessment to assist organisations with identifying existing areas of strong cyber security defence (in line with current best practice), as well as where improvements can be made. The assessment has been designed to support all sizes of organisation, from SMEs to Enterprise. It can be used to provide “C-Suite” with an initial benchmark of cyber security maturity and organisational performance. Prism Infosec shall assess people, processes, and technologies to determine your current cyber maturity level.

Assessment Process

Prism Infosec consultants will conduct the assessment through a combination of key stakeholder interviews, documentary reviews and observational information to analyse the findings and present the output in a clear, concise report that provides a benchmark of cyber security maturity alongside recommendations for improvement.

What will our organisation get out of it?

Our cyber maturity assessment report will quickly and clearly document areas which demonstrate best practices or where further action is needed. As an overview of your current cyber maturity it will allow you to focus resources where they are most needed in order to improve your overall cyber security posture. The assessment can be used to inform future cyber maturity management projects in support of business objectives.

Key Features & Benefits

One exercise which shows your current cyber maturity state based on the widely accepted NIST framework:

  • Identify
  • Protect
  • Detect
  • Respond
  • Recover

Practical, concise report output

The following key areas will be included in the report to provide a clear understanding of you cyber security maturity:

  • Asset Management
  • Governance
  • Risk Assessment
  • Supply Chain
  • Identity Management & Access Control
  • Awareness & Training
  • Information Protection Processes & Procedures
  • Protective Technology
  • Security Monitoring
  • Detection Process
  • Response Planning
  • Recovery Planning


To arrange a Cyber Maturity Assessment to determine your cyber security maturity and organisational performance, please email or call 01242 652 100

Cyber Maturity Assessment to assist organisations with identifying existing areas of strong cyber security defence

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