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GDPR and Data Protection Compliance

GDPR and Data Protection Compliance is an essential component of any organisation processing the personal data of EU citizens as part of its business processes. Applying good data management principles will ensure that you maintain control of such data and reduce the likelihood and impact on individuals should a data breach occur.

  • Review organisational compliance
  • Identify gaps in the organisation’s approach to privacy and data protection
  • Maintain an action plan for compliance
  • Minimise risks associated with a lack of compliance with the UK Data Protection Act 2018 and the EU GDPR 2018

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was implemented by the European Commission May 2018 to further improve data protection laws. GDPR applies to any organisation which has an economic interest within the EU or uses Personal Identifiable Information (PII) of any EU citizen. This now makes it easier for individuals to make private claims regarding their data privacy and the way their information has been handled by organisations.

Compliance Review and Gap Analysis

Through a combination of client workshops, information transfer, observational reviews and conducting or viewing the output from technical assessments, our consultants will conduct an extensive assessment of the organisation’s approach to GDPR and data protection compliance and the protection of personal information. The assessment will take into account policies, processes, procedures, the legal and regulatory environment and physical and logical security controls.

The output from the assessment shall be a report containing an initial management summary describing the key findings of the review, including any root cause analysis. The report includes a narrative description of the assessment that was conducted and provide a series of recommendations and accompanying action plan that details key tasks and milestones to support organisational compliance.

Ongoing Support

Our consultants can work with you as you maintain compliance with GDPR and data protection regulations. We can tailor the necessary time required to fit your requirements, ranging from a weekly calls or onsite meetings to support your internal privacy teams, through to acting as your internal Data Protection Officer (DPO).

Email Prism Infosec, complete our Contact Us form or call us on 01242 652100 and ask for Sales to setup an initial discussion.

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