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ISO 27001 Compliance and Consultancy Services

Prism Infosec has many years of experience providing the internationally recognised ISO 27001 standard for information management and have provided support to many clients on the successful application of information security including physical, personnel, policy and technical controls associated with audit and compliance and employs pragmatic consultants with  lead auditor and implementer certifications.

  • Readiness for certification
  • Implement an effective Information Security Management System (ISMS) that complies with the standard
  • Reduce risk through effective management of information security within the organisation

Our consultants can provide support and practical advice on every element of ISO 27001 compliance to organisations of all sizes and sectors and our services include:-

  • Workshops to provide guidance on compliance requirements
  • Gap analysis and roadmaps to achieve compliance
  • Internal audits and production of audit documentation
  • Support from first meetings through to full UKAS-accredited certification (by our partner certifying bodies)
  • Migration from ISO 27001:2013 to 2022 version
  • Associated services including penetration testing, document production and general advice and guidance.

Prism Infosec has a team of consultants have first hand experience including responsibility for implementing ISO 27001 for employers in previous roles and also helping clients implement and then successfully manage their fledgling ISMS throughout the certification lifecycle (3 years) and see it mature to the point where good information security practices are baked in.

Staff  gain an increased willingness to identify and report security issues and also observe an increased desire to seek  information security guidance from the organisations security team. This also can be observed that projects start off on the right foot by making information security a key attribute to the delivery of a secure operational project for the business. Projects that identify security controls early can drives down those occasions where security issues are identified late in the project delivery lifecycle leading to delays in delivery with security being claimed to be a blocker.

An effectively implemented and managed ISMS supports business aims by having a clear understanding of the organisations vision and how it can support its mission goals securely. By employing pragmatic, timely and consistent risk management practices the likelihood of an information breach is reduced accordingly. The ISMS mandated information security incident management process also improves organisational confidence in those plans and their role in the event of a security incident occurring. This then reduces the likelihood and impact of an attack on the organisation.

The ISMS as a living process must also be subject to continuous review with opportunities for improvement in the organisations security posture sought out and deployed. A strong security culture endorsed by the organisations leadership demonstrates to its staff and clients alike the value of the information assets used by the business which make it successful and rank it highly amongst its peers.

Our lead auditors are able to provide an internal audit service to our clients which complies with the need to conduct scheduled audits of the ISMS to ensure that applied controls are effective and that any non-conformities are captured and remediated appropriately. Our consultants provide comprehensive audit reports which identify the relevant clause or control reference and requirement together with audit findings and recommendations for remediation.

The audit output can then be added to ISMS the remediation action plan where it can be tracked with an owner assigned through to successful remediation thus adding to the continual improvement of the organisations cyber security maturity.

We can also act as a critical friend providing advisory services including attending the initial Information Security Forum meetings to provide guidance and support. Once the ISMS is embedded within the organisation and begins to mature the client then often retains call of services with Prism Infosec as a subject matter expert resource. This provides the organisation with a contact point should any queries on the application of the standard or its continued management be raised.

Email Prism Infosec, complete our Contact Us form or call us on 01242 652100 and ask for Sales to setup an initial discussion.

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